HighSeek neuro-interface

Control your smartphone by your mind

The headset - the BCI (Brain-Computer-Interface) neurointerface is based on

the EEG principles. It is a rim with 6 sensors for recording electrical impulses (5 electrodes and one neutral).

Now you could play the games on your smartphone or use favorite apps by you mind.



Principle of operation

The neural unit registers up to 4 teams, two of which are instantaneous, and two are cumulative.

• Sensors located above the ear could register impulses with a mental sharp movement of the hand. With the intention to make a move with the left hand, a negative potential arises in the region of the right hemisphere, and before the movement with the right hand it occurs in the region of the left hemisphere.

• The sensor on the forehead, together with the sensor on the ear (the point of complete absence of electrical signals) allows you to fix the state of concentration or mental relaxation.

The microcontroller registers the pulses, converting it into a digital signal. The Bluetooth module sends signals to the phone, after which api manages the selected application.

In order for the signal recognition system to improve itself, we introduce the concept of cloud technology of the project (all devices - headsets - are united into a single network, in fact - a new segment of the IoT - Internet of things) and the capabilities of the Neural Network (patterning occurs several times faster, patterns are characterized by a high degree compatibility). This will give us the speed and accuracy of the commands, bringing them closer to instantaneous.

Using the headset

Now the neurointerfaces are getting closer to us. Already today we can get the Internet of things around each of us.


A new look at mobile games. If yesterday you play the game with your fingers, today you can do it with the help of the power of thought. Instant commands allow you to adjust the movement of the character, or perform instant actions. Cumulative commands - accumulation of impact force, adjustment of flight altitude, speed, etc.


The use of applications comes to a new level. For example: switching tracks in the player or scrolling pages on the Internet is possible now with the help of the power of thought.

Convenience and benefit

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A completely new approach to mobile games. The process of the game becomes much more interesting.

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Controlling the smartphone with the power of thought frees hands, for example, while driving or doing fitness.

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The process of working with a headset develops thinking, ability to concentrate and mental relaxation, normalizes the blood circulation of the brain, improves memory.

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We offer a product - a tool for interacting with any applications and any smartphones. We are expanding the boundaries.

Road Map




• 1HISK = 0.05$, CAP = 25 000$ (pre-sale);

• 1HISK = 0.2$, CAP = 350 000$ (pre-ITO);

• 1HISK = 1$, soft CAP = 6 000 000$, hard CAP = 10 000 000$ (ITO).

Token: HISK

Emission: 16 810 000 HISK

First of all the HISK token acts as a token-share. Also for the HISK token, you can purchase own HighSeek products (headsets and own applications) more profitable than for fiat.

For investors, a reverse buy-back of tokens is provided 4 months after the start of sales. In the future, the buy-back will be carried out every 6 months. 55% of the company's profit will be directed to buy back, up to the full repayment of obligations on tokens to the investor.


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Sunidhi Chaudhary

Developer. Languages: C, C++, Java, ML, Neural Networks, Matlab , Assembly, SQL, Python. Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. Applications: Vi/Vim, Eclipse, Git, VMWare, MySQL. Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows, Android.

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Egor Sagunov

CRO-co-founder, project ideologist.

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Sunil Jain

Marketing manager. Experienced Blogger with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Social Media Optimization (SMO), WordPress, and Content Marketing. Strong media and communication professional with a BCA focused in Computer Science from Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College.

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Andrés López Guerrero

Developer. Electronic Engineer/ Software-web developer. Electronic engineer - Full-Stack developer. JS(Angular), Python (Django), Dbs, Node, elastic search, AWS, microservices, GIT, eventstore. Worked in biomedics.

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Sagar Shinde

Full stack developer. Tech skills: Java, J2EE, Hibernate, JPA, Spring MVC, REST Webservices, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS, Android

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Sergey Gaidukov

Developer. Leading engineer of the Brook's Institute of Electronic Controled Machines.


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Zamir Akimov

Vice President of RACIB. CEO Runeiro, NeuroDAO.

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Dmitry Yakovlev

Lequid.ru, Moscow, Russia. CEO-co-founder.

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Ilya Zenin

Vice-President of the Foundation for Support and Development of Children's Creativity "The Planet of Talents". A consultant on the SMD approach and the design of activity systems.

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